Criticises BBC’s Modi Documentary

The BBC is the world’s leading public broadcaster.

 BBC is impartial and independent, creating unique and top-notch programming and content every day that informs, educates, and entertains millions of people in the UK and around the world. 

What are her Three main Objectives for the BBC?

The BBC’s mission is defined by the Royal Charter:

 they act in the public interest and serve all audiences by providing fair, high-quality, and unique results and services that inform, educate and entertain.

Indian tax authorities said he raided the BBC’s offices in New Delhi and Mumbai for two days in a row and that the British broadcaster was cooperating “fully” with the authorities.

“Questions regarding the structure, activities, organization, and operations of the BBC in India fall within the scope of the inquiry.”

The BBC said at the time that the documentary had been “vigorously researched” and contained a range of voices and opinions.

“We gave the Indian government the right to address the issues raised in the series, but they refused to do so,” the statement said. 

In her address to students on Tuesday, JNU Student Union President Aishe Ghosh insisted she was not banned from watching the documentary.

What is the BBC issue?

BBC recently released a documentary on Modi’s role in the Gujrat riots in 2002 indirectly which came into a state of controversy In the center. 

British MP Bob Blackman said the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary about Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “totally exaggerated”. “The BBC does not represent the views of the UK government,” a British lawmaker told News18. Documentary films are the work of a hatchet. “

Centre in Contrast to this Documentary 

The center called the BBC documentary a “propaganda piece” and ordered his social media platforms Twitter and YouTube to block links to the BBC documentary. The two-part BBC series is “a propaganda piece designed to advance a particular unreliable narrative”. “Relentless colonialist thinking” was “clearly evident.”

Income Tax Raid 

Income tax officials raided his BBC India office. As a sign of his BBC’s full-blown criticism of the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, before the raid was seen prematurely, the BBC’s recent two-part documentary on his many ties to India Do not ignore the similarities.

The Argument for why Government Bans this Documentary?

The Modi problem and Modi’s view of the world. In response to the uncritical celebration of the BBC documentary by many who view Modi as critical, I wonder how it reproduces an ideology that favors him and Indian/Hindu nationalism in general. indicates Let’s start with the most likely counter-argument to my argument.

If the documentary joins Modi’s political party, the anti-Muslim his ideology of the Bhatia Janata Party (BJP), why did the government ban it?

BBC Criticism 

The Indian government has described the documentary as reflecting “continuous colonial thinking”.But nothing is more interesting than the fact that the laws banning documentary films are themselves colonial. The Information Technology (IT) Act, which was used to impose the, criminalizes content that violates the “interests of India’s sovereignty and integrity” and “national security.” This law is directly derived from British colonial law.

The Rowlatt Act 1919, itself derived from the Defense of India Act 1915. Both laws criminalize activities defined as “threats to national security.” 

The income tax Department on Tuesday conducted a survey at the office of the British broadcasting corporation in Delhi and Mumbai over a charge of deliberate noncompliance with Indian law including the transfer pricing rule and diversion of profit, this move come just a week after the BBC released to part documentary India the Modi question pertaining to 2002 Gujarat riot and Narendra Modi yourself prime Minister income tax authorities were currently at BBC office in New Delhi and Mumbai fully cooperative the ruling BJP heft on the world stage. 

A Survey by Income Tax 

The BBC has become the most backward cooperation in the world, unfortunately, BBC propaganda and Congress are on the same lines today India is entertaining great heights and PM Modi’s leadership and some sections do not like this the BBC is having all rise to journalism but they are not abiding by the law government sources the key focus of the survey was to look into the manipulation of rice benefit including tax advantage.

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