College Romance Season 2 Series

College Romance Season 2 Series – Online streaming platforms are replete with idiosyncratic content shows that reach only a small portion of the audience.

But when it comes to romance comedy shows, it feels like therapy for some people who are stuck between life and tight schedules.

One such young adult show he debuted in 2018 is College Romance. The show revolves around college revelry, considered to be the best time of your life.

College Romance Season 2 Series

This is a specific stage of living life to the fullest. With an easygoing attitude to everything, living within the frame of mind of the moment, the fact that friends are the most important people in life only manifests itself at certain stages of the year. College Romance Season 2 Series takes you back to that chapter of your life.

Good news for all viewers who enjoyed this nostalgic series. The show has released a trailer for its upcoming second season.

College Romance Season 2 Series will start streaming on the Sony Liv app soon, and we hope the team doesn’t keep viewers waiting too long and announces a release date soon for the next series.

Love, heartbreak, and jealousy surround her four friends: Trippy (Manjot Singh), Naila (Apoorva her Arora), Karan (Kesha Bhusadna), and Bagga (Gagan Arora). As you work through difficult situations, even long-distance friendships become closer than ever.

About College Romance Season 2 Series

The series is about his three friends named Trippy, Karan, and Naina, and their college love story. All three fall in love with completely different people.

The main plot is the relationship between these three friends and their bonds of friendship which is interesting to watch. we find more strain and problems in relationships and put their friendship to the test. 

About College Romance Season 2 Series

College Romance Season 2 Series begins as a continuation of season 1. everyone is back in college after their summer vacations where naira and Bagga still enjoyed their bond of love together with perfect relationship but naira plans to go abroad for further studies spoils everything Karan and Deepika face trouble in a relationship where trippy has just broken up and dated other girls but later on find it difficult to continue the bond.    

Synopsis for Season 1

The series revolves around her three best friends Karan, Trippy, and Naira, played by Keshav Sadhna, Manjot Singh, and Apoorva Arora.

All three fall in love and begin a series of funny love stories. You fall in love with people with very opposite personalities who evoke humor.

Synopsis for Season 1

Karan falls in love with Deepika, a complicated and annoying girl, Trippy falls in love with Raveena, a college freshman who has not yet graduated from her high school boyfriend, and Naira falls in love with Bugha, a desi man and a true Delhiite.

A person who prefers to speak in slang. She evokes the essence of college life that matters most. Ultimately, the three struggle with heartbreak and continue to support each other.

It is admirable that they counsel each other on their silly and silly ideas. It’s a roller coaster filled with emotions. 

College Romance Season 2 Series Trailer Breakdown

As the trailer opens of College Romance Season 2 Series, we see Baguga and Deepika frowning on not having Karan, Trippy, and Naira in the group. Her three best friends taunt her about her insecurities and reveal that their trio existed before meeting anyone at her college.

As the trailer progresses, we see a ton of drama between the couple: on the one hand, Deepika thinks her relationship with Karan isn’t going well, and on the other, Trippy thinks her long-distance relationship with Raveena is going bad.

College Romance Season 2 Series Trailer Breakdown

I’m sure it won’t take her anywhere. Naira’s and Bagga’s contrasting personalities clearly show that she resents his immature behavior and his habit of using foul slang every time he speaks in College Romance Season 2 Series.

Even after falling in love with various people, the trio never fails to protect each other when someone tries to become a wall between their friendships.

You can see the emotional and heartbreaking atmosphere that surrounds it. In every funny and magical moment you witness, there is always something that brings tears to your eyes And that is ‘College Romance’. 

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