Cars Under 20 Lakhs

Cars Under 20 Lakhs – A car is an automobile that is usually a four ways vehicle designed for passenger transportation and is commonly propelled by an internal combustion engine using petrol or diesel

Cars of the generation are filled with Complex technical systems along with basic features from the history they are specifically designed to be out of people’s lives and bring style and fashion. There are many Cars Under 20 Lakhs.

A car usually has an engine a fuel tank a shock abroad a break a catalytic Converter an Excellent exhaust pipe, seats for passenger and driver as well as space for items.

Herewith the term passenger we primarily mean the family who travels together and needs a vehicle or safe mode of transportation. Cars Under 20 Lakhs includes Diesel as well as Petrol.

The entire vehicle design of a car depends on the extent used of it the weed is automobiles for the off-road conception are durable and has simple systems with high resistance to serve overlay loads as well as very extreme operating conditions, Here’s the list of Cars Under 20 Lakhs.

Vehicle types

1. SUV

2. Convertible 


4. coupe

5. Sedan

6. Hatchback. 

These cars basically run on 

1. Petrol

2. Diesel

3. CNG

4. Electric 

Cars are even divided on their seating capacity 

  • <5 seater
  • 5 seater
  • 6 or 7 seater
  • 8 and above seater 

Cars under 20 lakhs 

1. Nissan kicks

Cars Under 20 Lakhs

Price – 9.50 lakhs – 14.88 lakhs.

Fuel type – petrol, and gives a mileage of 13.8 to 16 kmpl and. 

Is available for 5 passengers and has a rating of 3 for people safety. 

Comes with a warranty of 2 years and engine size 1498 cc 9r 1330 cc. 

2. Maruti Suzuki  XL6

Price – 11.29 lakhs to 14.55 lakhs 

Fuel type – petrol  give some mileage of 20.27 to 20.97 km per liter and is available for 6 people it has been written 3 stars in the terms of safety and has a warranty of 2 years or 30000 km

It even has an engine size of 1462 cc and is available in Manual and automatic.

It is present in various colors such as

Red, blue, white, black

3. Ford EcoSport  

Price – 7.81 – 11.70 lakhs. And can run on either petrol or diesel

Give some mileage of 14.7 to 21.7 km and is available for 5. It is present with the voluntary of the years and with an engine size of 1496 cc with a fuel tank of 52 liters.

It is present in various colors such as

Red, green, blue, white, grey, black, silver

4. Hyundai Verna

Price – 9.32 – 15.36 lakhs

Fuel type is petrol and diesel with a mileage of 17.7 to 25 km per liter the sitting capacities of 5 people and the engine size is 1493 and 998 cc.

It is manual, automatic (TC AND DCT)

with a fuel tank of capacity 45 litre.

It is present in various colors such as,

Red, blue, white, grey, sparkle green, silver.

5 .Skoda Slavia

This car present is various new and vibrant colors with engine type – petrol only,

The Transmission is both manual and automatic with engines- 999cc and 1498 cc.

Gives a mileage of 19.47 kmpl and the boot space is 521 liters.

ICOTY also awards the premium Car Award, first awarded in 2019 for luxury and performance cars and the Green Car Award, first awarded for Hybrid and electric cars in 2021.

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