Bollywood And Saroj Khan

Bollywood and Saroj khan – Bollywood which is also known as Hindi cinema or was formally known as Bombay Cinema is the industry that produces all Hindi best films across the country. There are terms such as Bollywood Hollywood and Tollywood which refers to Cinemas in various parts of the world and country where Bollywood is the main Hindi cinema Hollywood refers to the American film industry while Tollywood is the Telugu base industry or South-based film industry. Bollywood and Saroj khan

The movie industry is in the 1900s when the first Black and White movie was Raja Harishchandra which was 40 minutes, silent film, considers Dada Saheb, and was released on 18th May 1912, and dahasaheb is even known as the father of the film industry. 

It was the year 1940 when the Bombay Cinema expanded in the commercial market and had its presence nationwide. The Bollywood first blockbuster was the movie Kismat which crossed the barrier of 1 crore and was made on a budget of only RS 200000

Bollywood Before The Partition 

Bollywood and Saroj khan – Bollywood before the partition was linked with the Lahore film industry which is now called the Pakistani film industry and is also known as Lollywood Which produced films in both the languages “Hindi and Urdu”!.

In the year 1947 along with the partition of India and the division of the country into Pakistan and the republic of India, various filmmakers migrated from Pakistan to India to prove to produce and try their luck in the Indian Film Industry and settled in the production center which was ” Lahore and Calcutta “.

Importance Of Bollywood 

Bollywood and Saroj khan
Importance Of Bollywood 

The Indian Film Industry being one of the largest contributors to the GDP of India is extremely important as it enhancers the Indian culture and shirt lights various subjects and areas of major concern.  It has been reported that the Indian film industry produces more than 2000 films a year which is now making revenue of over 1000 crores which is the great success. Bollywood and Saroj khan is a greatest combination.

Who is Saroj Khan 

Saroj Khan

Saroj Khan’s real name is Nirmala Nagpal, she was born on 22nd November 1948 in Bombay India, she even died on 3rd July 2020 at the age of 71 in Mumbai as a choreographer. Bollywood and Saroj khan makes a huge success to the Bollywood.

Happy rains Sadhu Singh and Noni Singh came to India after the partition of it she sudden her career at the age of just 3 with the first movie in Nazrana as a baby Shyamal. Bollywood and Saroj khan are a great combination.

Later in 1950, she was a background dancer She learned to dance while working with weed is choreographers such as Sohanlal home she even married at the age of 13 and later had four kids with him. She later got separated and married a popular Businessman Sardar Roshan Khan in 1975 and later converted to Islam and changed her name to Saroj Khan. Bollywood and Saroj khan created many great earning Movies.

Choreography and later getting video breaks in the first movie Geeta Mera Naam, After her successful debut, she was little working with Sridevi in Hawa Hawai in Mr. India as well as movies such as Nagina Chandni and the big hit of Madhuri Dixit in ” Ek do teen”. 

Saroj Khan is popularly known for her strict and very professional choreography career apart from all this reason a big television figure. Saroj Khan for the first time appeared on a reality Dance show as a member of the jury in the year 2005 Nach Baliye which is to Air on the star along with the other judges.  Later she was seen in shows such that Ustad ka Ustad and nuts play way with Saroj Khan which was aired on NDTV Imagine. Bollywood and Saroj khan.

Saroj Khan has even won various awards for being the best in movies such as Devdas for Dola Re Dola Jab We Met and for Ishq Hai Haye.

She was recognized with the American choreography award Nandini awards Zee Cine Awards for best choreography for movies such as Devdas, awards in the 2011 and IIFA Awards in the year 2019 for Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and in 2019 the IIFA lifetime achievement award.

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