Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?

Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money? – India is a country of various cultures and heritage Indians are another one who loves to experiment on a daily basis. In every city, every state we can see various Park statues which are built for the entertainment of people and the beautify the entire City.

Although as per reports the Government of India should focus more on updating the quality of life of people rather than giving them clean roads and beautiful parks, well build buildings and museums, etc. these are major public attraction areas where customers love to come and spend their quality time. 

Beautiful Park, clean roads, and well-built buildings do play an important part in the development of the country but on top the quality of life of the citizens living in the country is something of major concern in this developing country.

Recently India has built and has got the tension worldwide by building the highest statue of the world which is the Statue of Unity which a now a big tourist spot and attracts a wide range of visitors from all across the world.

India is no behind in coming up with various creative ideas to decorate our country and mark it with beautiful creations which is pleasant to watch. Lets read more big statue of unity is it wastage of public money?

Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?
World’s tallest staStatue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?

Big Statue of unity 

Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money? – Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue with the height of M and it this located in the state of Gujarat India the statue is of the activist Vallabhbhai Patel who was the first Deputy Minister as well as home minister of independent India and was an adherent of Mahatma Gandhi. The statue basically stands as a tribute to the Indian leader which was unveiled on 31st October 2018.

The statue is a patriotic symbol of the leg is your man who just spend his entire life in the struggle for the freedom of this country and his people does to mark his respect the statue is located at his birthplace in his city Gujarat. This statue took almost 4 years to be completed and the architect behind this giant creation is – Ram v  sutra. Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?

Although India has done something extremely creative and has given attributes to one of the biggest freedom fighters of India in other words, this can be a legit waste of money. 

Money being a developing country needs to invest more in the development of the people which included houses, schools, give them jobs. India should be focusing on providing people right opportunities and career growth. Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?

A total fund of 641 crores was allotted to the Gujarat government to build the statue while this money could have been utilized to build schools colleges and houses for people living and the poverty and provide them with sufficient jobs

This money could have been your in videos mid-day meal schemes and impressing the government hospital conditions to provide better medical facilities to people who can’t afford the Private Health Care sector. Big Statue of Unity Is it Wastage of Public Money?

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