Bhai Dooj Significance – Rituals

Bhai Dooj Significance Bhai Dooj is a Hindu we celebrate on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha of the Vikram Samvat. Hindu month of Kartika or the Shalivahan Shaka calendar month of Kartika. Also, we observe this festival even during Diwali and Holi festivals. We celebrate this day in the same manner as the Raksha Bandhan event. Let’s read more about Bhai Dooj: Significance-Rituals.

That day, brothers present our sisters with goodies. We give the name Yama Dwitiya to another day in the southern region of the population. Kayastha society celebrates two Bhai Dooj. The greater well occurs on the second day following Diwali. The fewer one, on the other hand, occurs a day or two following Diwali.

It’s challenging to decipher siblings‘ sentiments, thoughts, and affection. There are, nevertheless, certain days or anniversaries focused on enhancing the bond between such a brother and a sister. Bhaiya Dooj is an event that can symbolize everlasting affection amongst siblings.

Historical context and significance:

Bhai Dooj Significance
Bhai Dooj Significance

There are various traditions connected with the commemoration of this fortunate event, as with most Hindu celebrations, the most famous of which is about Yamraj, the deity. According to folklore, Yamraj’s sister the Yamuna tried repeatedly to persuade her brother to visit her, but Yamraj struggled to do that for a lot longer. He was welcomed with a great celebration, given candies, and had the traditional tika put on his forehead when he eventually met her.

Bhai Dooj Significance

Yamraj bestowed a blessing on the Yamuna in gratitude for the affection and attention he received. She in response requested that he set aside a day each annum to attend her residence. Bhai Dooj Significance As a result, the custom of siblings meeting everyone on this day began to commemorate their closeness.

Bhai Dooj is observed in distinct sections of the country, with diverse customs and ceremonies related to it. The event became known as Bhai Phota in West Bengal, Bhau Beej in Maharashtra, and Yama Dwitiya in southern India, and Bhai Dooj Significance it is marked by sisters placing tilak on their brother’s foreheads while chanting a particular mantra. In Haryana, dry coconut is wrapped with kalawa threads along with the breadth and presented on the occasion of aarti, in addition to the tilak ceremony.

The Bhai Dooj Rituals:

Bhai Dooj Significance
Bhai Dooj Significance

It is a brother-sister celebration during which sisters do Pooja, sweeten their brother’s tongue using delicacies, present him with presents, and wish for a longer lifespan. Bhai Dooj Significance.

  • Sisters and brothers should get up earlier on Bhai Dooj day, bathe, and change into fresh attire.
  •  Add a diya, roli-chawal, fruits, flowers, Moli, candies, and betel nuts to the pooja thali.
  • Use rice to draw a square on the surface.
  • As per the Shubh Muhurat, have your brother sit on the floor with his knees bowed and his head covered with a towel.
  • With such a burning diya, the sister would now do the aarti by spinning the pooja thali in front of him.
  •  Following the Pooja, the sister will rub Tilak on the brother’s forehead and present him with candies and fruits.
  •  Among brothers and sisters, gifts are often distributed.

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