Bhagwant announces 300 units of power

Punjab’s CM Bhagwant Mann declares 300 units of free power a month in his state from July 1. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Saturday declared that each family in Punjab would get 300 units of force-free each month.

While making the declaration, the CM said it would be relevant from July 1. He said assuming that a family consumes in excess of 600 units in two months it will leave the ambit of the free power plan and should cover the full bill. He said the families having a place with the Scheduled Caste people group and political dissidents who were before getting 200 units of force choice likewise get 600 units of free power. Assuming that these families consume more power than 600 units in two months, they won’t be charged full bills however just the extra sums. Rubbishing the bits of gossip about charging ranchers for power, he said there is no such arrangement. He said free capacity to ranchers and sponsored capacity to the business would proceed.

CM Mann expressed that regardless of Punjab’s delivery power keeps on leftover costly in the state. He contrasted Punjab with Delhi expressing that Delhi purchases power from two privately owned businesses yet 73% of individuals in Delhi gets free power. Mann plans to follow the Delhi model of administration in Punjab. The choice to make the power free is on the lines of the Delhi model of administration that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) advanced during the Punjab Assembly races in 2022. In addition to other things, the AAP had vowed to give 300 free power consistently to individuals of the state whenever cast a ballot to drive. In Delhi, the AAP government gives 200 units of free power to individuals. Nonetheless, since the development of the AAP government in Punjab, the Opposition party has been claiming that the Mann government is being “controlled” by Delhi. Congress is constantly asserting that Kejriwal is controlling the public authority of Punjab, and because of this, the public authority can’t work uninhibitedly.

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