Award ceremony for the startups of India

National startup awards

Entrepreneur generally manages a Startup also called as Organization of projects by developing and validating a scalable business model. Award ceremony for the startups of India encourages youth.

Award ceremony for the startups of India helps them get motivation. Because we are the inventors of the idea, raising has been relatively easier for us.

A company begins with a founder or co-founders who have a will to solve a problem. The founder of the data will begin market validation problem interview and solution interview, so building a minimum viable product which is a prototype to develop and validate the business model. The startup process can take a long period over many years because of higher investment.

Startups faces challenges because the results are uncertain and also may get high failures.

The models behind the whole plan are present as ventures are usually associated with design science, so the science which is considered to be a coherent set of normative ideas and prepositions to design and construct the company’s backbone.

For example, one of the initial design principles is “affordable loss”.

Recently the Government of India has started the national startup award to seek, recognize and reward for outstanding startups and Ecosystems. Because of which many startups came into limelight.

The awards also seek to highlight demos of excellence for others to emulate and improve the functioning of a company.

The national entrepreneurship awards have been instituted by the Ministry of Skill development and entrepreneurship in 2016 to encourage the culture of entrepreneurship across the country so to fully motivate Indian youth to work hard and work on their skills.

The various categories of awards

  • Enterprise awards track
  • The ecosystem builders award track 
  • women entrepreneur 
  • Entrepreneur of a person with disability entrepreneur from a difficult area. 

Eligibility to participate in the ceremony

The eligibility to participate in the various categories depend on the category for example :

In the Enterprise, awards track the entrepreneur’s age should be below the age of 40 as of April 1st on the award day.

Prizes for  the winners

1. The winning entrepreneur gets a cash prize of INR 5 lakh in each sub-sectors. 

2.  The winners and all the runner-ups will be given a priority of participation and various National International startup events sponsored by DPIIT. 

Award categories for 2021. 

1. Agriculture 

2. Animal husbandry 

3. Drinking water.

4. Education & skill development. 

5. Energy

6. Enterprise  systems

7. Environment

8. Fintech.

Principles of Startup.

There are many principles including a Startup for example lean startup, market validation, design thinking,  partnering,  business model design, etc. Startups award benefits entities from such recognition in various aspects of business including but not limited to business.

Working In a startup. 

At the start of the entrepreneurs open been swift the have internal Anderson of pressure internal the need to move the deadline to double the verdict and took interpreter call service ready for the market while externally there expected to meet milestones off investors another stakeholder to ensure continued success from them on this startup.

They are stressed for a long period of time till they finally get the desired success or result. Because of this the need refreshment.

Award winners 

Mystery has received over 177 applications across 49 sub-sectors for the awards because full stop the startups were evaluated on 6 parameters including Innovation and their social impact.

This award ceremony was the Second Edition of the national startup award, so various applications from 15 sectors and 49 sub sectors involved.

The sectors range from agricultural to animal husbandry and from enterprise technology to fintech. Because of which many startups got chance to raise their ideas.

Bengaluru-based Nafa innovations Private Limited was declared the winner in the fintech category financial inclusion sub-sector full stop the startup also called don’t tag was founded in 2013 enables mobile payments using sound and field Communications without the internet.

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