Ankit and Priyanka Bond in Bigg Boss 

Ankit and Priyanka Bond – Ankit Gupta, recently kicked out of Bigg Boss 16, has opened up about his relationship with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. He told ETimes TV that his bond with Priyanka was very special, but didn’t want to label her.


Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary are among the most beautiful pairs on Indian television. One of the most popular Jodi on social media and getting lots of love from fans

Ankit and Priyanka Bond

Before entering Bigg Boss 16’s house, Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary revealed that they were just good friends during their interaction with the host, Salman Khan.

However, their real-life chemistry proved better than their on-screen pairing in Udaariyaan. This left fans wondering what was cooking between the two.

Well, last night Ankit was voted by the majority of housemates as having the least contribution to the reality show.

Ankit and Priyanka Bond
Ankit and Priyanka Bond

Priyanka collapsed in his arms and Ankit handed her the bracelet before walking away. Even netizens were heartbroken to witness their split.

Ankit added that it doesn’t matter what people think. The actor also said Priyanka is a bit weaker at the moment due to her departure from BB House, but she is one of the strongest contestants this year, so she is confident she will emerge as the winner of Big Boss 16.

Netizens believe this is why Archana targeted  Gautam, Shiv Thakare, Mandali, and Ankit. Because Priyanka is powerful and this was a way of undermining their game.

Do you think Priyanka still has a chance of winning Bigg Boss 16 after Ankit leaves?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Bigg Boss 16 is known for the frenzied chemistry between Ankit and Priyanka Bond.

The Udaryaan actor may have been left out of Salman Khan’s show, but he continues to make waves on social media.

Do you think Priyanka still has a chance of winning Bigg Boss 16 after Ankit leaves

Fans of big boss 16 are requesting to bring Ankit back into the show through some wildcard entry as they believed that he was eliminated in an unfair manner and also fans want to observe the growing loving bond between Priyanka and Ankit.

Heartbreak between Ankit and Priyanka Bond

It won’t be wrong to say that big Boss 16 will be non for Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaudhary’s sizzling chemistry the Udaya actor might have got eliminated from the Salman Khan show, continue to make a wave on social media fans have been requesting the makers to bring back Ankit Gupta as a wild card contestant.

They believe that he was eliminated in an unfair manner made this surrounding Ankit Gupta elimination because praised him while speaking about Priyanka’s relationship with the TV Star wars all praise for Priyanka Chaudhary and Ankit Gupta as he spoke about their bond in Bigg Boss 16 and a tag is becoming more and more popular their names like #priyankit is getting love from their fans side.

True love Speaks

Ankit also hinted that he could enter the big boss 16 again when asked about his upcoming work post for the Salman khan show the actor said I just came out of the show after seeing a trend on social media If I could get a chance to re-enter the show once again.

If that doesn’t happen, I start working on a new project. “

Ankit Stated about Ankit and Priyanka Bond 

When speaking about Ankit Gupta’s eviction, he was ousted by his flatmate in his home, who even called this eviction unfair. What do you think of his elimination?


Priyanka was heartbroken after seeing Ankit go out of the show when asked if her performance could get affected due to his elimination Ankit said yes but in a positive way the handsome hunk said yes it will get affected but in a very positive way now Priyanka is solo and hurt.

(Abhi wo Puri sherni bnegi aur ghar walo ki vaat Laga degi) she will become a tigress and will destroy other housemates she is very much clear and opinionated.

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