Action taken to lower the burden of school bags for kids

School bags and the unbreakable relationship of kids is something we see till a child gets to the age of 17. Action taken to lower the burden of school bags for kids helps them release the extra weight they carry.

From KG to 12th standard we see kids of all the age groups carrying school bags loaded with their heavy books. But the picture of school bags we see now is totally different from the schoolbags when the concept of schools initially started. Kids have some kind of unconditional love for their bags when they take their first step to school. 

Kids in the 1930s didn’t even have bags they just had to let the straps that hell their books together 

The 1940s:

This was the era when kids were seen with a slight modern backpack silhouette. 

The 1950s:

This was the era when fashion came into light,  and leather backpacks and pattern lunch boxes were seen.

The 1960s:

This Era was seen with big purses having good storage.

1970s- 2000s

The Era when tank bags, nylon bags, and airport ready bags were seen. Airport bags were the result of back pain and knee pains when kids were carrying oversized heavy backpacks.

Importance of right size backpack 

Getting a heavy bag just doesn’t give kids muscle tension but also gives them back pain. And demands of not carrying the appropriate notebooks and books. It can even cause temporary or permanent injuries in kids which might hinder them from taking regular classes.

The Schoolbag policy- 2020 

The ministry of education ruled out the new school bag policy right after the new Education policy for 2020. It states that the school bag weighted for students would be 10% of their entire body weight. This suggestion was based on various surveys and studies conducted by NCERT.

The Directorate of Education has issued a circular asking the schools to follow the new school bag policy as soon as possible. Released by the National Council of Education Resurgent Training center. As per the circular, all the teachers should inform the students in advance about the books and notebooks to be brought to school. According to the timetable kids are supposed to make their bags every day. Even frequent checks of the bags should be done to ensure that they are not getting any other books.

In order to reduce the weight of the school bag, it is the responsibility of the school management to provide good quality portable water facility. So that they do not need to carry water bottles from their homes to drink water.

Even the teachers have to take the responsibility of checking the weight of school bags of the students. Without any information to make sure that parents and the students are actually following the rules 

This policy makes sure that the rule is even for every age group. It lays down the guidelines of no homework and the weight of school bags from class 1 to class 12th. 

The policy even recommends no homework up to class 2nd and a maximum of two hours per week for class 3rd and 5th. One hour a day for class 6 to 7 and 2 hours a day for class 9th and above.

Issues of carrying a heavy school bag 

School bags have severe physical effects on growing kids which can cause damage to the vertebral column as well as their knees. A heavy backpack and pull on a neck muscle contribute to various headaches,  shoulder pain,  lower back pain, neck, arm, or even knees. The body also gets seriously affected to a great extent which is a long term develops cramps and may affect the nervous system.

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